Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mis-adventure in the Kitchen!

I haven't cooked since Monday of this week. I try to cook on the weekend (even though I work weekends endlessly) so my family can have a home cooked meal, a decent meal on Sunday. Sometimes I  make two or three meat dishes and freeze one or two and during the week I make the side dishes to go with it, pasta, rice, mashed potatoes, vegetables or whatever. Where I fail in doing this as I do sometimes because I go to bed late, sometimes very late and i'm not a morning person. I'm not up with the birds. Let them do eight hours on the job, come home and do some cleaning and straightening up, check homework etc., try to have a decent and intelligent conversation with a teenager who only answers you monosyllables in an annoying tone as if he has to pay rent, utilities and the IRS see how early they rise. I'm not bashing birds though i'm just saying i'm not a morning person therefore even though I work afternoons until nine at nights, you'd think I'd be up being industrious because to be honest I do have the time if i'm willing but no, I need sleep. But I digressed, where I fail to do this my husband will cook us up something. He's no chef but he tries. One Sunday I came home and he made stew chicken with rice and broccoli, except I didn't recognize the chicken it was so black!! He had used too much browning but I was hungry and grateful to come home to a hot meal so I told him thank you but go easy on the browning next time.  On my days off which are Thursdays and Fridays I usually try to make a fairly decent meal, well on Thursdays anyway because I usually don't cook on Fridays. It's a Caribbean thing we eat like 'light fare' sandwiches, fast food etc. Does this post has a point? Yes, yes it does and i'm getting there...

Today being Thursday I decided to curry some chicken wings, cook some white rice, mashed potatoes some bok choy (pock chow as we say in Jamaica) and I found a package of crab legs in the freezer. I started cooking up a storm. You might be wondering why I cooked two different types of carbohydrates, rice and mashed potatoes. Well my husband does not eat rice but my son and I do and my son does not eat mashed potatoes ( even tho he loves french fries which is still basically a potato) but my husband and I do. They only thing they eat in common is macaroni and cheese and if I bake it, my son won't eat it. Makes cooking in my household a joy...Not! Anyway I decided to make some scampi sauce to dip the crab legs in., everything else was easy. I did not know how to make scampi sauce so googled it (Thank God for Google).
Google told me I needed oil...check, garlic chopped or press, chopped it is...check, white wine...check, a little salt...check, lemon juice...check and parsley...uumm no, no parsley but that's not so important because I know my son would ask "why do you have green things on it mom".
Anyway I gathered my ingredients and began to chop my garlic, I love garlic...  I chopped the garlic and started sauteing it in the butter (by the way I use "I Can't Believe It's not Butter" a little salty, just a bit but i love the flavor) it smelled so good. When  it was  sauteed enough I followed the instructions I read on Google and poured in the half cup of wine and then I added salt to the mixture and stirred waiting for the wine to cook out. I felt so proud watching the creamy pale yellow mixture boiling to the consistency I wanted it. All I needed now was the pre-measured lemon juice waiting. I tasted it. What the hell!! Oh My God!! It was tangy! Sour!!! Immediately my mouth puckered in the formation of when children suck in their  cheeks to make a "fish mouth" and their lips pouted out. I swear I did everything Google told me except I was cooking for three people and not five or seven so that half cup of white wine is what did me in. I should've used less, way less.
So I threw it out and started again. I had only one whole peg of garlic remaining so I began to chop and added the butter and while it sauteed I got the wine and poured about a tablespoon and a half in a cup and added it, stirred and waited for it to reach the consistency I wanted. I tried it again. It was delicious. Just to make sure I took a teaspoon of the sauce, broke a crab leg, dipped it and ate it. It was delicious! It was amazing!

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